Wednesday, July 8, 2009


William Anleu worked for the Latin department in Mutual Benefits. He was a good guy with a good heart. One day William didn’t show up for work. Co-workers were a little suspicious, because William would never miss work without calling out sick. After about four days of no call no show, Williams best friend, along with an off duty officer went to Williams home to see if he was ok. When they arrived to the parking lot, they witnessed Mario Mershan, Williams friend who was visiting from New Jersey, dragging a large duffel bag towards Williams car. Mario Mershan stabbed William to death several nights before, and stuffed his body in the the duffel bag. Lt. Ralph Garcia of Hialeah Police said “ Subject in this case walked over to the bedroom for whatever reason, and he still doesn’t know why, goes to the kitchen, took two knives, goes back to the bedroom, and stabs the victim numerous times.” Authorities report that Mershan left Williams body in the duffel bag in a closet for five days until the night when he tried to move it. Mershan tried to run when he was spotted dragging the bag, but the off duty police officer went after him, and held him at gun point until the Hialeah police arrived. Mershan planned to use the victim’s own car, a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse, to hide the body. “Said he was going to drive around and either throw the body in the lake with the car or without the car, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do,” says Lt. Garcia. Mershan has been charged with murder. It was a dark day in Mutual Benefits following this event. Many employees were in tears when they heard the news. It was a terrible tragedy which still haunts me to this day.

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