Sunday, July 26, 2009


I must admit, the Mutual Benefits Christmas parties were amazing. Every Christmas there was a celebration where everyone would get really dressed up, I'm talking dress to impress type of thing. Every year I felt like I was in High School again getting ready for the prom. They were held in the biggest and most extravagant banquet halls. Only God knows how much money is spent on one of these parties. Some years it felt like I was going to the grammys because they would give out awards to employees; unfortunately I wasn't one of those employees. But I did feel like a nominee going into each party. That's why every year I had to buy a suit and take it back the next day. Yes, the tags stayed on it while I wore it; just had to tuck them. Took me a whole day to put together a good enough outfit, to be able to hang with the guys that make the big bucks. This is just another night out on the town for some of these guys. For me this was a big deal. I had a different date each year and i must say that all my dates had the time of their lives. Those parties were awesome! But I hope I don't sound as if I'm gloating, because I'm not. I'm merely telling you my experience's while working inside the walls of Mutual Benefits. The Christmas party was something they did for us, the innocent employees who were just working a 9 to 5 living check to check. They treated us like royalty with this party. Free open bar all night. Magicians, people walking on stilts, Brazilian dancers, you name it and they booked it for these parties. I'm not used to these finer things of life. I was in awe every year, and every time felt like the first time I went. The salesmen didn't see it the same way. All the big timers and high rollers of Mutual were there to impress. It was kinda like a competition with the women on who had the best hair, dress, or shoes. I heard one of the Steingers wife would actually rent a diamond necklace, but not just any diamond necklace. Remember these people had enough money to buy whatever they want. So you can just imagine how big these diamonds were. It looked like she had big ice crystals around her neck. All the wives of all the high rollers were amazed by the necklace. I wonder if they knew that she rented it. Well, either way for me these parties were the best parties I've ever been to in my life. And yes, I did get laid after every party...thank you Mutual Benefits!

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