Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have figured out how to slowly start getting all the investors money back. Think about it like this, did all the aids patients and other terminally ill people get away with no charges? Or did they really believe the bogus life expectancies that were given to them by the "Mutual Benefits Doctors"? I guess the people, or shall I say the department, who manage the actual meeting of the selling of the policy will know.There are many people out there that were paid large sums of money in exchange for there policy under circumstances that were written off of false pretenses. I say confiscate all the Ferrari's and nice cars you see them driving around in. Auction it all off and try and gain as much as possible back for the investors. They were given more money off of shorter life expectancies, and they were bogus? Many were given a one year life expectancy and many years have gone by? Are you serious, and they're out their right now driving the sports car they bought with the money they got paid for the policy? Do you see the solution to the problem out there? Confiscate everything. Start garnishing wages from these people until they pay back every cent, or until they die, whichever comes first. Does that sound cruel? No it doesn't.