Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joel Steinger was inside the World Trade Center when planes attacked.

I’m not sure if this story was published anywhere else, but Joel Steinger was inside one of the towers when the World Trade Center was under attack. How do I know this? Because there was an office meeting on the same day at about 10:17am . Over the intercom I heard a message asking everyone in the office to report to the conference room. While in the conference room Leslie Steinger stated that Joel was inside one of the towers when they were hit. He doesn’t know if he’s ok because they lost connection from his cell phone. I know exactly what was said over the phone during the incident, but out of respect for the late Leslie Steinger, I will not reveal that due to the emotion and tragedy involved. I know most people would object to the Steingers receiving any respect, but as an x-employee I owe it to them. They treated me fair, and in my eyes I felt they were conducting a good business. If the entire office was aware of the fraudulent activities then there never would have been a Mutual Benefits. Out of respect towards all that lost their lives on that tragic day, and the uncertainty of Joel’s condition, we were told to go home. We reported back to work the next day, and was then told that Joel was ok.

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