Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Joel Steinger was born on November 10, 1949 in Brooklyn New York. He has two younger brothers named Steven and Leslie. When Joel was 11 years old, his father died of a heart attack which made him become man of the house. By the time he graduated High School, Joel had a son named Michael, and was married to his mother Rhonda. The marriage didn’t last long. Rhonda and their son Michael had moved to Arizona. Soon after that, around 1970, Joel and his younger brothers along with their mother, had moved to Hallandale Beach Florida. In 1974 Joel married a woman named Bonnie Rosen, who was the daughter of a man named Philip Simon. Simon was named in a book published in 1973 by mobster Vincent Teresa. Vincent wrote that Simon Laundered money through Miami banks for known Mafia members, including the notorious Meyer Lansky. In the late 70’s, Simon leased Joel a space in his building which was equipped with a telephone room. Joel then began operating Crown Colony Commodity Options Ltd. Joel sold bogus options on commodities which led to his first felony, and an appearance on 60 minutes. During the 80's, Joel then started a company called Tara Petroleum where he sold interests in dry oil wells. The Securities and Exchanged Committee investigated Joel in connection with Tara, and in 1989 the SEC perminenlty barred Joel from selling securities. That same year, Joel devised a business called Original Diet Pizza Co. Inc. which ended with many lawsuits begining in 1990. In 1991 Joel started a business called Galaxy Wholesale Corp. which was operated out of an office on Oakland Park Blvd. Marlene Steinger was the company's bookeeper and says they made a substancial amount of money. But when she and her husband came back from a vacation, they came back to an empty office. According to Marlene, she claimed that Joel took off with all the investors money, and the company owned Jaguar convertable. Galaxy Wholesale Corp. soon went through suit, and eventually came to an end. During the lawsuit, it was then when Joel heard about the Viatical industry.

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  1. This guy sounds like a real dirtbag; Hope that doesnt offend anyone. Anyone that can steal from their family deserves to go to jail. Im just curiouse as to where is Joel now.